Fondy Farm at Mequon Nature Preserve

The Fondy Farm @ MNP is a 40 acre patchwork of small family farms just 12 miles from the Fondy Farmers Market.

The Fondy Farm offers affordable, long-term leases on quality land plus the amenities needed to succeed, such as irrigation, greenhouses, tractors, as well as technical and business assistance from the Fondy Farm Director, Stephen Petro. Supported by grants from national and local foundations, as well as individual donations and annual farm income, this farm ensures the continued supply of sustainably grown, local produce to neighborhoods with little access to healthy food.

The farm supports producers that have historically been socially disadvantaged, including Hmong American farmers, many of whom are women. With the access to quality land, and the stability of long-term leases, Fondy farmers have been able to invest in high value crops such as asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, flowers, and rice.

In 2021, greenhouses were utilized at the farm, giving farmers the opportunity to implement season extension techniques. Fondy also works with our partners at the Mequon Nature Preserve to build sustainable agricultural features and use techniques to build soil, protect fresh water, and protect biodiversity.