Our small team delivers big impact with the support of of our board of directors, volunteers, donors, community partners - all in partnership with our farmers and food producers.

Our Team

Our small team delivers big impact with the support of of our board of directors, volunteers, donors, community partners - all in partnership with our farmers and local producers.

Andrew Boettcher

Business Manager

A Milwaukee native, Andy has resided in the area for most of his life. Having lived in many parts of the city, he has an appreciation of the challenges of neighborhoods that lack plentiful, convenient food options. This made it an easy decision to join the Fondy Team in 2021. Andy has degrees from Marquette University in Engineering. He enjoys applying the problem solving skills he learned there to the Fondy mission. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family, cycle, cross country ski and play guitar.

Jennifer Casey

Executive Director

Jennifer joined the team at Fondy in 2014, bringing with her experience as a registered dietitian, professional cook, and good, clean, and fair food advocate. Before joining Fondy she ran the Diabetes and Community Health programs at Milwaukee’s only American Indian Health Center. A longtime leader in the food movement, she works with others to build a more resilient and equitable food system. She also is an avid cook and gardener. Having graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago and the Natural Gourmet Institute-New York, she now lives in nearby Riverwest with her family.

Katie Hassemer

Director of Farmers Markets

Katie’s care for the environment, her personal food choices, and her desire to build community circled her into the world of sustainable agriculture in 2012. Wanting to get further into the world of knowing truly where her food came from led Katie to the University of Vermont to earn a Certificate of Sustainable Agriculture, where she learned all aspects of farming; from crop planning, planting and harvesting, to business planning and marketing. She found her way to Fondy in 2015 after a few more seasons working on certified organic vegetable farms in SE and SW Wisconsin, and managing the Tosa Farmers Market for 3 years. In 2019 she started her own market garden on her and her partner’s 22 acres north of Milwaukee. Katie is driven by supporting the local economy, local food producers, and, of course, local farmers.

Stephen Petro

Farm Director & Chief Operating Officer

Food is a universal experience; an act that unites everyone. This realization profoundly influenced Stephen’s decision to farm. He spent five years learning about soil in deep Wisconsin loam, Maine silt loam, and Georgia clay. Working on diverse farms in these soils instilled a strong sense of community, respect for the land and its inhabitants, and the knowledge needed to steward a farm. Stephen continued his farm odyssey by joining the Fondy in 2010. Working with immigrant and limited resource farmers to establish a 40 acre farm along Lake Michigan has been a dream come true. He loves puzzles. Current ones include: learning to speak Hmong, remembering how to speak Spanish, fitting new ideas into old techniques, and ensuring that farming is a viable and accessible vocation and avocation. Stephen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Literature and Creative Writing. He can walk his two dogs at once, but only one cat at a time. The horse is another story.

Joya Wade

Farmers Market Manager

Joya Wade is a Milwaukee Native with a passion for connecting people back to nature. Their journey in our food system started in professional kitchens that celebrated the farm to table model. After 8 years of learning the restaurant side of food business Joya then took on the role as a community kitchen manager at a local urban garden. There they got to experience growing the ingredients used to teach classes and feed the community. Joya is bringing their knowledge of gardening, food justice, hospitality, and event planning to the table as the new farmers market manager. Some things Joya enjoys outside of work includes crafting, thrifting, peer coaching, and dancing.